The Project - Help !

Before the project started we were really scared of the scope, we had to do everything ourselves from scratch: electronics, design, programming, etc. Two important factors made it a lot easier on us. First of all the groups of the year before us deserve a huge thanks, their websites were a great help to start off and be able to actually try out stuff we didn't understand yet. Secondly the deadlines that were set helped a lot, as they will tell you how to get where you want to get.

Nonetheless it is very important for a group to keep all options open, and not let yourself be pushed too much by the results of the years before. Keeping this in mind we must thank Branko for warning us, that no matter what their website said, IR reflective sensors were a bad idea. We replaced them by LDR's and that turned out to be a great iea. So I think it's important to start from ideas the years before, and then add your own creativity and try to do something different and hopefully better.