Welcome to the website of Ball-E,

This little robot was created by a team of 1st Master students for the course 'Mechatronics' at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, by Prof. dr. ir Bram Vanderborght.

The goal was to design a robot who could play football autonomously, by just putting it on the playfield and turning the power on. All of this was to be done within certain rules, aiming that the robot could participate in the Robocup Junior league. More details on the project and how it was completed can be found in 'Project'. If you are interested in contacting the team members regarding certain aspects of the robot, you will find our contact info in 'Team'.

As Ball-E's designer team and fanclub we would like to thank you for the interest you show in our work, and hope that the information of this site will be of any help to you.

Keep on ballin' ,

The designer team