Dear reader,

To help you navigate through our work, on this page, you find a small summary of what you can find under each section if ‘What’.

The section ‘Sensors’ gives a list of all used sensors and their function.

The section ‘Electric Sensors Circuits’ gives you all built circuits for the data processing of the sensors, and some explanation about why we do some things.

The section ‘Microcontroller’ describes which microcontroller we used and which connections, circuits were necessary to make him work properly.

The section ‘Frame’ is an overview of the Inverter drawings for the frame.

The section ‘Program’ shows you the program we wrote and the underlying theory.

The Section ‘Dribbler’ shows the mechanical and electric properties of the dribbler.

The section ‘Shooter’ explains you the idea we had to make a shooter, but because a lack of time, we were unable to finish this part of the robot. Everything what is written is only theory, we didn’t test it, but we are almost certain it should work.

Finally, the section ‘errors’ is a list of made errors and mistakes. This section is the most interesting one, because as we could experience, an error is quickly made, but the solution isn’t always so obvious.



Electric Sensor Circuits









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