Goal of the project
The aim of the mechatronics project is to  
develop skills in several different areas:
The team
Electromechanical Engineering:
Dimitri Piron

Etienne Gailly
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Our concept
For our mechatronics project, we chose to  
develop the RoboCLOCK: a robot which  
continuously writes the time.
Besides being able to write the time, we wanted  
our robot to fulfill three criteria: strength, good  
looking and  reasonable size.
This website shows the different stages of  
realization: from the white sheet to the finished  
Supervised by
Professor Ir. Bram Vanderborght

Ir. Hoang-Long Coa
Ir. Raphael Furnemont
Academic year:
Master 1
By designing a coherent and strong design.
By the appropriate choice of components  
and the use of specific programs such as  
Eagle or Fritzing.
By the development of the robot code.
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Flamco so losah
RoboCLOCK - Mechatronics Project

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