After two month of really hard working
Rambo Robot is fully ready !
He will impress you

Rambo Robot works very well

The Team

Sébastien GOLDBERG



Jean-Philippe HUBINONT

Alexandre DELARGE

Look at the different part of Rambo
the cleaning robot

The Sponge

Tables are cleaned with water. The role of the sponge is to absorb the water and besides of that removes the dirts on the table.

The Water Tank

To put water on the table we need a container where water is stock. A little mechanism enable droplet to fall on the table.

The Brush

Before cleaning with water, the crumbles on the table are removed thanks to the rotating brush.

The Wheels

The robot moves of the table. Different displacement ways exist some of them are more efficient.


A robot needs electronic to work. Sensors, motors are connected on the PCB and controlled by a microcontroller.

The Sensors

If we want to send informations of robot environnement to the robot we need sensors. First it can't fall out of the table and has to move straight forward.

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