Baby and child audiometry system


Mechatronics is a wide aspect of engineering. Mechatronics is the combination of mechanical and electronic engineering. It contains besides the mechanical and electronic part also computer, software, control and system design engineering.

During the lectures the different aspects of mechatronics were presented. They were given in three main chapters. The first chapter dealt about “Electronics: sensors and signal conditioning”, followed by the chapter “Mechanics: mechanisms and actuation”.
No fundamental aspects were discussed, but how the different components are combined in a real application. The majority of the time is devoted for the chapter “Computing: Microcontrollers” in which is explained how a PIC controller is programmed in assembler and how to control the mechatronics system.


We had a few choices as project. The options were:

We wanted to realize the last mentioned project not only because it was interesting, it was also an extra motivation to make others happy. The setup that KOCA has, was of poor quality and thus unprofessional. We've contacted the center and they were glad to here there could be a better solution for the realisation of their setup.

Baby and child audiometry system

The hearing tests for babies and toddlers are not that easy as for adults. They can not indicate (e.g. raise their hand) when they hear the sound .
We try to condition them by, after hearing a stimulus, looking at an attractive object (moving, colorful etc.).

The system used to consist of a control unit (220V) which 4 objects are connected to. Once the child perceives an auditory stimulus, one of these objects should be put in motion by the attendant. Once the auditory stimulus stops, the movement must be stopped. De objects must appeal to babies and toddlers.