The main goal in every project is to learn. After we completed our work and the robot we took some time to discuss which improvements can be made? In short these are:
     - Design for assembly: It is quite difficult to put everything together. We lost a lot of time        on the assembly.
     - Ergonomic design: We didn’t knew a lot about ergonomics and from start we found it        really difficult to estimate how to position and design the fingers and thumbs. We now        found out that the thumb position is far from ideal. It is quite a challenge to press the        thumb well when having a small hand. The fingers are quite narrow too.
     - We lost a lot of time too by working with wood for the hand palm part. The choice for        wood was based on 2 main reasons: we wanted to keep our first model low cost, and        the 3D printers had some troubles during the weeks we wanted to print. For a next        prototype we would defiantly print everything. It simply is way more accurate in        position then working with wood.
     - By losing a lot of time in the end of the project while making the assembly, we had less        time to take care of the finishing touches… In a next project we would definitely take        more time to complete the LCD box for example.

But in the end, we are happy with the result. The teamwork was perfect and we always tried to all learn about all the aspects of the project. We feel like we learned some good lessons for the future.

We want to thank again VUB department mechanical engineering. Especially Professor Bram Vanderborght and Assistant Victor Grosu. As well as the technical crew, Jean-Paul, Stijn and Marnix.

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