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As part of the Mechatronics I course (Professor: Bram Vanderborght; Assistants: Raphael Furnemont and Hoang Long Cao), a bridge robot has been made. The project involves the building and programming of a robot able to carry a bridge by placing it on top of a gap between two tables, and cross the gap thanks to the bridge.

For that, the laboratory at building Z at VUB was available with different components (like servomotors, Arduino, etc.) and tools (screwdrivers, saws, et.). The project also required to use more sophisticated machines like 3D printers or laser cutting machines from the Fablab of VUB and ULB.

Raquel Gaci­as

Xuan Nhan Nghiem

Julien Van Loo

Romain Verbeet

Zihan Zhang