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Mechanics: Model
The structure of the project has been thinked by brainstorming and crossing of many different ideas. Each part that will be described below has been subject to a decision among many possibilities considering the way of doing the task.

A global representation of the project is showed on the graph above.
The Dart Vader consist in a dart gun fixed on a structure which has 2 degree of freedom. The first one allow to choose de
direction of the shooting (Rotation along the z-axis). It is composed of two plate that rotate relatively to each other by a set of
gears. The second one permit to adjust the distance of the shooting through the elevation angle of the plate on which the gun
is fixed. On the structure represented above, the gun is attached to the upper wooden part but couldn't be modelized due to
its complexity. The grey U-shaped bar is the trigger pulling system. The two black boxes are thr servomotors used for the
On the above picture, the rotation movement (z-axis) is shown. A 2:1 gear ration was used in order to increase the accuracy of the movement.

To be able to shoot the dart, a torque of 2.5 Nm was necessary. As the motors able to deliver such a torque are quite expensive, we decided to use a motor with less torque and a gear system to increase it. The gear system is presented here below.
Most of the gears were made using a 3D printer and the other parts of the structure was made by the mean of laser cutting.

Complete explosed view:
Dart Vader Mechatronics Project
Massimo Di Perri, Yuri Durodiť, Jeremy Duvigneaud,Younes El Bouchttaoui
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