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PCB design
The PCB was designed using the software Eagle.
For our robot,due to the fact that there were no separate parts, only one PCB was needed and it could stand directly on the robot.
As the tests we did were made on the Arduino, we decided, in order to avoid incompatibility, to choose the same microcontroller, the Atmega 328.

The first step was to link every components together. This work is presented ont he following image. (Best quality here)
The final PCB layout was then built up. Giving the result: (Best quality here)
After building and soldering, the final result obtained for the PCB was:
Here after is presented the complete shoplist for the project Dart Vader. The prices, function, names and quantities are mentionned.
(Better quality here)
Dart Vader Mechatronics Project
Massimo Di Perri, Yuri Durodiť, Jeremy Duvigneaud,Younes El Bouchttaoui
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