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Welcome on our website,

On this website you can find more information about the ‘making of’ our soccer playing robot, Ronaldo. We had to make this robot for the course ‘Mechatronics’ which is a combination of mechanics, electronics,.. It was a very difficult job to build a robot because it isn’t a thing that you can do in 1,2,3,…
Actually this is a continuation of the project of last year. So we had already some information about the electronics, sensors… but we had to make a robot that functions better than last year.
In more details, our task was to build a robot for the RoboCup Junior robot competition. The game is being played one-on-one with a ball which transmits IR-rays. The field is covered with a gray gradient from white to black. This makes it possible to determine the position and the orientation of the robot on the field by using lightsensors. Distancesensors are used to detect the sides of the field.

Buiding the robot has cost us a lot of work but we also have learned a lot, we can now program in Assembler, and work with traxmaker. We know also more about choosing the right sensors. The problems we had are also putted on the website and also the final result. We are proud to present to you our final result.
We hope you'll like the site and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mohammed, Marco, Mbayi and Kristof

Ronaldo says: 'Hi!'

(c)2010   Mohammed Al Bouzidi - Kristof De Buysere - Marco Facchin - Mbayi Kazadi