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As some people might know, there exists a soccer-competition called 'Robocup'. In different categories, robots of different sizes play soccer against each other. The end goal of the Robocup challenge is to create a team of soccer playing robots that can defeat the present world champion soccer in 2050. For more information, check out the website of the Robocup:

There’s also something like the RoboCup Junior robot competition. The youth (8-14 years old) are invited to build a robot so they can taste the fascinating world of robotics. The robots have to play soccer one on one with a ball of 8 cm in diameter that transmits IR-rays (see figure 1). The field (see figure 2) is covered with a gray gradient from white to black. This makes it possible to determine the vertical position and the orientation of the robot on the field by using light sensors. Distance sensors are used to detect the sides of the field and to determine the horizontal position of the robot on the field. Using a push button, you can set whether the goal of the opponent is in the black or the white part of the field. A switch is used to start or stop the robot on command of the arbitrator.

Figure 1: The ball

Figure 2: The field

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