This project was made as part of the course Mechatronics (Bram Vanderborght) for the Master 1 of Mechatronics at the VUB. The project involved the design, assembly and programming of a flexible arm prosthesis that should be able to grab simple objects.

In order to make the prosthesis, acces was given to the lab facilities at VUB building Z and the FabLab XL in Anderlecht.


Without great teamwork, the project would never be what is has become.

From left to right: Filippo, Mats, Dianbiao, Ellen and Pieter-Jan.

Special Thanks

A few other people helped us out during different steps of the process, and therefore we would like to thank them

Bram Vanderborght, Hoang-Long Cao, Raphael Furnemont and Albert De Beir

For guiding the development process of the robot

Thomas Van den Dries

For his help with the electronics

Ruben De Smet

For his help with the website