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As part of the course Mechatronics, we had the chance to design and build a football (soccer) playing robot. The rules are based on the RoboCup Junior regulations. For this project, we had to use everything we had learned in the last four years of our engineering training at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. We became skilled at new things as well, for example designing Printed Board Circuits or programming in Assembler. 
To design a robot like this, there are different things to consider. You have to choose the sensors which are right for your way of playing, design the robot and the electronic circuits (PCB) and programming the microcontroller. You can find all these elements on the different pages of this website. We also mention the problems we had, so if you want to design a similar robot you won’t make the same mistakes as we did.

Design and building of a football playing robot

Matthias Borremans, Joost Geeroms, Frank Jonckheere and Sara Van Rossem

Project Mechatronics 2009-2010                   VUB

   i, BallL
(handsome) intelligent Ball Locatorh