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Introduction to Mechatronics:

The term mechatronics is a combination of mechanics and electronics. A lot of machines and even simple household appliance consist of mechanisms driven by motors and actuators with electrical control circuits. The overall control of these machines is done by programmable components like micro-controllers.

For the practical course the students were asked to design and build a fire car with limited measurements, and with specific components. They also had to create the electronic link.

The fire car has 2 modi:
      1) A manual mode: handling the fire car with bluetooth.
      2) An auto mode: the car has to do everything automatically
                                   (programming the micro-controller in assembler language )


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Abdelkarim Bellafkih

Mohamed El Baghdadi

Ebrahim Louarroudi

1st Master Electro mechanical Engineering                                                                                                                                                    

In name of our team we want to thank everyone of the mechatronics department for this interesting project.

We want to thank especially the following persons :

Prof. Dr. Ir P. Kool

Ir. Kristof Goris



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