Welcome on our website!

Welcome to our site on our mechatronics project. This site will offer you a complete description of our projection, starting from scratch and ending up with a working elevator mechanism. It will start out by giving a description of the projection and an overview of the team.

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The project was within the scope of the course “Mechatronics” taught at the Free University of Brussels. The purpose was to realise an electro-mechanical control system with a microcontroller based on given specifications. A few proposoals were done by the teachers, yet a new ideas were welcome as well. We decided to hand in our own proposal: the control of an elevator mechanism. This because to our opnion this was a very interesting combination of mechanics and electronics. In dialogue with the teachers, a few goals were set. What should are final design of the lift be capable of ? Our main goals were to: 
  • ·        Control the direction of the lift

  • ·        Control the speed of the lift

  • ·        Respond on requests from customers at different levels

  • ·        Use a clever algorithm to decide which floors to service first

  • ·        Build a three story lift shaft and cage

  • ·        Make the elevator control as robust as possible

 In addition a few extra features were listed:

  • ·        Transform the parallel data from the buttons to a serial input to the microcontroller

  • ·        Open and close doors of the cage

  • ·        Begin and end sensors of the shaft for safety

Our project would lead us to the most diversified engineering domains, including PWM , H – bridges, assembler programming, shift registers, design of PCB bord  and elevator control. This website will explain our work, results and motivation.



The team consists of 2 students
    - Kristof Hubin
    - Evert Vanderhaegen

Evert's main tasks and interests were:
  • ·        investigate and implement the use of a shift register

  • ·        the design and construction of the elevator shaft and cage

  • ·        installation of the motor and potentiometer

  • ·        testing of different motors

  • ·        testing of an alternative position detection system based on an encoder

  • ·        design PCB-bord in Traxmaker and the soldering

  • ·        design website 

Kristof's main tasks and interests were: 
  • ·        programming in assembler language

  • ·        motor control using PWM and H-bridges

  • ·        developping an elevator algorithm