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Dr. ir. Mizanoor Rahman


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Faculty of Engineering Sciences
Department of Mechanical Engineering
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Pleinlaan , 2
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E-mail: Mizanoor.Rahman@vub.ac.be

Dr ir. Mizanoor Rahman received his Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering in 2011 from Mie University, Japan. He was the recipient of the Japanese government scholarship. He then worked as a researcher in Singapore (NUS and NTU) and also collaborated with three robotics companies in Singapore, Japan and USA. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the mechanical engineering department of Vrije Universiteit Brussel and contributing to H2R (http://www.h2rproject.eu/) and MIRAD (http://www.mirad-sbo.be/) projects. His major research interests include compliant actuator design, assistive robotics, rehabilitation robotics, humanoid robotics, social robotics, human-robot interaction, ergonomics, psychology, biomechanics etc., and teaching interests include fundamentals of robotics, control engineering, ergonomics etc. So far, he is the first author of 14 refereed international journal papers, 41 refereed international conference papers (mostly published by IEEE, SPIE, Springer and ACM), and a book chapter. He chaired two technical sessions at IEEE ICMA 2009, served as a PC member for IEEE BioRob 2010, and received the best paper award at IEEE ROBIO 2010. He is a member of IEEE.



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