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Project Planning

The entire procedure takes about five weeks, counting from the moment that the information to build the scale models is received:

Planning of a typical wind tunnel project.

A typical project of wind tunnel testing of the wind loads on an emblematic building like the Hotel Vela in Barcelona (see figure) would consist of the following stages:

  • Request by the client to carry out the wind tunnel tests.
  • Price quotation to the client.
  • Agreement on the price.
  • Presentation by the client of all the information necessary to build the scale models.
  • Construction of the scale models, focussing on all the aerodynamically relevant details.
  • Wind tunnel measurements and presentation of the provisional results.
  • Post-processing of the results and delivery of the final report.

Pressure taps sketch and scale model of the Hotel Vela in Barcelona.
Pictures courtesy of the IDR/UPM Institute (Madrid).


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