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The Scale Models

Depending on the shape requirements, the scale models are manufactured in a wide variety of materials, MDF, plywood, plastic... In the case of pressure measurements the scale models are equipped with pressure taps. A pressure tap is a small hole in the surface of the model located at a point where the wind action must be known. This hole is connected to a brass tube (1 mm inner diameter, 15 mm long). The other extreme of the brass tube is connected to a plastic tube which guides the pressure signal to the measurement equipment.

Different moments of a scale model construction and its installation in a wind tunnel. Pressure taps and the plastic pneumatic connections (upper left), pneumatic connections inside the model (upper right), final revision of the model at the workshop (lower left), allocation of the model in the wind tunnel together with a scale simulation of the surroundings (lower right). Pictures courtesy of the IDR/UPM Institute (Madrid).


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