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Prof. dr. ir. Jacques De Ruyck


Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Building Z - Room ZW112
Pleinlaan , 2
B-1050 Brussels

Prof. J. De Ruyck (1952) became Electromechanical Engineer at the VUB in 1975. He got his PhD in 1982 entitled "Computation of End-Wall Boundary Layers in Axial Compressors". After his career in Fluid Mechanics, he turned into thermodynamics in 1988. He soon became involved in the energy production through technology assessment and different EC projects. He initiated new developments in the field of gas turbine cycles, based on exergy analysis and with emphasis on evaporative cycles and chemical recovery. Combustion activities have been initiated through experimental work in domestic boilers and continued through kinetic modeling of combustion. His activity in biomass research led to involvement in the field of renewable energies more in general, through technology assessment studies and membership in different advisory groups (Electrabel, ODE Vlaanderen, KVIV genootschap energie, AMPERE commission, Aminal, VITO). He is recently involved in the assessment of liquid biofuels in the framework of the Federal Research Actions. Prof. De Ruyck is author or co-author of more than hundred publications in the different fields mentioned above. He is presently teaching basic and advanced thermodynamics, turbomachinery and energy supply to engineering and human ecology students the VUB. Within the Vrije universiteit he is or was Member of the Faculty council and direction committee, Member of the VUB Administration Council from 1999 to 2003, Chairman of the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering since 2005, Chairman of the Education Council of Electromechanical Engineering since 2004. Up

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