PICROCK ROCKSWelcome to the website of the PICROCK project!!

This is a website about a project we had to make for the course mechatronics for the year 2005.
The assistants gave us a list of possible projects to make and one of those was to make a guitar that can play automatically. In fact, it's a project that has been made two years ago for the first time. Back then, they managed to make quite a well working guitar where only two strings could be played.
The main problem they had was that their motors became too hot after a while of playing. So our main assignment this year was to fix the fact that the motors get that hot.
In order to fix that, the assistant said it would be a good idea to let the motor be fed by a lower voltage when the motor doesn't have to work.

Now, I can imagine that the question that burns on all of your lips is if we managed to do this. Of course we did manage to do it...., you think we'd give an intro like this if we didn't?  I mean, let's be serious...

In fact, we did more...


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