WELCOME to the site of Kimberly Blokland & Kristel Deckers




                                          Welcome to our site! 

      We hope to inspire you.  Enjoy your visit!

      This site has been made to give a short overview on the realisations we’ve made

      during a project of Mechatronics, a course tought on the VUB by Professor Dr. Ir. Kool.

       Here you can find a description of the project, our approach towards it, the problems

       we encountered and the solutions we found.

       There’s also a manual for the implementation of our setup, the Assembler source

       code, images and other interesting stuff. 

       We would also like to thanks the people who made this project possible: Ir. R. Van

        Ham, Ir. B. Vanderborght and last but certainly not least Jean-Paul Schepens for his

        electronic assistance and mental support!   


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